Did you buy your child a console this Christmas? If so let’s talk parental controls.

Gaming has never been more popular and there’s a good chance that a child you know has received a new console this Christmas. 
If that’s the case then it’s time to look at parental controls and in this email, we are focussing on this year’s bestseller the Nintendo Switch. 

The Switch is a fantastic family-friendly console and whilst it’s the games which make the console such a hit the real reason we love it is the industry-leading parental controls app. 

This official app is an absolute must for any parent whose child has a Switch.
It not only allows insight into how much time they play but also hosts many other crucial features including the ability to remotely turn off the console, set time limits and more.

For everything the app can do take a look at this video from Nintendo

For more information on parental controls for other consoles popular with young people take a look at our youtube page 

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